Chris and Anna- 4/2/11

The ceremony site complete with hay bales, with the hay barn and dinner tent in the background

When I first met Chris and Anna, I remember asking them to describe the wedding they were planning. Their response was something like “Just a small backyard wedding with family and friends”. Now I’ve been to a few “backyard weddings” before, but I have to say Chris and Anna’s was something very special.

The Setting
The backyard in question was a family friend’s place, and it rivaled many of the outdoor venues I’ve seen. Perfectly “Southern Country”, this backyard featured a haybarn, a side area that was converted into an outdoor bar, a pool with a huge stone patio for gathering, and many large flowerbeds with a fantastic water feature and stone steps leading to the ceremony site. All of this was in front of a lake, which was further down the hill and made for some fantastic photo opportunities. In keeping with this theme, Chris and Anna had hay bales for guests to sit on during the ceremony, a catered BBQ dinner (which smelled fantastic) and two kegs of beer which they had brewed themselves just for the reception. There were also a number of photos placed about as well, which added to the excitement of looking at all the neat decorations already in place in the backyard.

The Ceremony
Prior to the ceremony, the wedding party were all gathered in the house, which sat up slightly from the ceremony spot and provided a great vantage point for Chris, Anna, the moms, and everyone who was a bit curious to peek out and see which guests had arrived. When it was time to begin, the three brothers exited the house and stood at the top of the hill, each playing a guitar. Then their respective bridesmaids came to join them and they all made their way down to the ceremony site. The procession was unique but very fitting, each person or couple exiting the house and making their way down the hill through the small crowd of guests and to their respective places. The ceremony was a very simple and sweet one, including a very nice prayer and some very powerful vows. During the Statement of Intent, Chris jumped the gun a little bit saying “I do” a little early, but it was easily laughed off and I think it helped to break a bit of nervous tension as well. Even though this was an outdoor wedding, the weather cooperated nicely, only offering up one large gust of wind that called for a pause, but otherwise it was absolutely beautiful.

Once I got to introduce the new couple, the entire crowd erupted in cheer and you could not help but be happy for everyone there. The party had officially begun, and I think everyone’s heart was a little fuller and brighter. After signing the wedding license, I exited down towards the reception site with Chris and Anna, still beaming and glowing from the event. As I began to make my way to the edge of the crowd, I saw them beginning to share in the love with their family and friends, and knew the day had been a total success.

Great job Chris and Anna! I wish you all the best for a wonderful future together!

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