Laura and Ben- 4/8/11

Cool as a cucumber….that’s the phrase I’m going to use to describe Laura and Ben. A fun couple with great taste, but never seem to stress about it. Now with the amount of details they included in their big day, I know there had to be a couple closed door freak out sessions. But working with them…I never saw anything close…not even once. They should be proud.

The Setting
Speaking of cool, you can’t get much cooler than King Plow. From the moment you walk in the environment surrounds you, and just adds a bit of swagger. All the old ceiling beams, the dark yet inviting floors and walls, it just screams cool. There is one thing though, and it’s a nit. The floors. While the stained and sealed concrete looks the part, it’s a little difficult to walk on. I don’t know how the girls do it in heels, as I even had a little slip as I headed down the aisle with Ben and his best man Shaun. Thankfully we didn’t have any accidents and eveyone remained upright for the whole ceremony.

The Ceremony
This story begins more with the rehearsal than anything else. Each side had nine attendants….NINE!!! Just getting that many people on the same page is difficult, even without all the wedding nerves. But the crew did exceptionally well and everyone hit their marks like champs. However to Flowergirls of 5 and 3…there’s a big difference between walking down a plain old boring aisle during rehearsal and walking down a rose petal covered aisle on the big day. I think they were maybe two steps in before the temptation became too great and they both dropped to their knees and started playing. It was certainly a moment of comic relief- the two girls tossing petals in the air making it rain, the ring bearer standing mortified not knowing what to do, and everyone in the wedding party stunned and not sure what to do now. Fortunately Skylar, Lexi and I had some play time during the rehearsal so I was able to semi-wrangle them up to the front and the ceremony continued. Definitely not planned, but what a great photo op! I hope they have some great pics!

Of course the mood instantly changed when it was time for Laura to walk down the aisle, and watching Ben watch her was fantastic. The ceremony we crafted was very sweet, including a short prayer and an exchange of roses. This was very sweet as Ben had brought along a rose when he proposed to Laura and I loved the tie in. Everyone hit their marks perfect, and after the Pronouncement the DJ kicked in and the entire wedding party danced down the aisle and headed towards the reception. And I have to be honest…Ben’s dad had the surprising moves of the night! Great job Roy!

I was able to catch up with Ben and Laura for a brief moment before they moved to the reception, and both of them were absolutely beaming with delight. It’s such a joyous moment to be able to share…and I’m very grateful that I was able to be a part of Ben and Laura’s moment. All my best for the future guys!

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