Jason and Amanda- 5/14

Potted magnolia tree used for a unique unity ceremony

Jason and Amanda were such a fun couple to work with. They are both very down to earth people, and genuinely nice. I think Amanda’s grandmother said it best when she told me at the rehearsal that “They are just the perfect couple. Now I’m a little biaed here, but I genuinely believe that they are meant to be”. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

The Setting

Jason and Amanda had chosen the Carl House for their ceremony and reception. Tucked away a good clip northeast of Atlanta, this historic house is a wonderful setting for a wedding…with a great garden outside and classic southern charm inside. Fortunately the weather held on the big day, and Jason and Amanda were able to hold their ceremony outside in the beautiful garden area as originally planned. 70% chance of rain!? No way! In fact, it was downright perfect when it was time for the ceremony to start!

The ceremony

Jason and Amanda spent a lot of time on their ceremony, making sure that we included everything they wanted in their way. I think it was a little overwhelming at first, as there are so many options available it’s easy to get flooded with ideas. But after a few phone conversations and meet ups, we were able to zero in on what they were after.

One of the really neat parts of their ceremony was the unity ceremony they selected. While the norm is to go with a unity candle, they don’t work too well for outdoor ceremonies. And as Jason pointed out, you go through the whole thing and then you just blow them out at the end…which kind of goes against the symbolism you are trying to demonstrate. So instead, we looked for other options to convey the symbolism and meaning, and as luck would have it found a perfect option that was not only unique, but fit with their wedding theme perfectly- a tree watering ceremony.

Before the ceremony, a tree in a pot was placed off to the side of where the ceremony would be taking place. During the processional, both mothers walked in with a small vase full of water and added it to a watering can, which I’m sure piqued the interest of a few in the crowd. Then during the ceremony, I spoke to the symbolism of the tree and how it related to a marriage- the stable trunk, the outstreched limbs that offer comfort etc. The water that the mother’s had added to the watering can symbolized the love and nurturing that each family provided to Jason and Amanda as they were growing up. And as Jason and Amanda added water to the tree to help it grow, they were adding the love and nurturing that both families provided to them to their marriage to help it grow.

I have heard of a tree planting ceremony before, but with everyone all dolled up the thought of playing in the dirt wasn’t very appealing. However I think this was a great option to go with, and I received a number of compliments on the “tree part” after the cermeony from guests. I love the symbolism of the unity ceremony, and was very happy to work with Jason and Amanda to come up with an option that fit well for them and is sure to be remembered for some time.

Congratulations to Jason and Amanda…all my best for a wonderful future together!

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