Jennifer and Kyle- 4/24

Inside the Trolley Barn, pre-ceremony

The first time I met Jennifer and Kyle, we were all fighting crazy traffic to make it to our consult on time. This of course builds anxiety, not only dealing with other, how shall I say, not-so-smart people on the road but also with the fact you might be late to your first meeting and making a bad impression. Fortunately we all made it right on time, and then a funny thing happened. Once we started talking, all that stress and anxiety just melted away. I knew right from the beginning that we had one awesome event in the works.

The Setting

Jennifer and Kyle had chosen the Trolley Barn in Inman Park for their ceremony. It’s a smaller venue, just tucked away between some houses and other businesses blocks from downtown. You’d never know it though, as it’s very peaceful and surprisingly quiet. The weather was gorgeous for an April Sunday, but just in case the ceremony took place indoors. The old beams and contrasting colors make for a very pleasant backdrop, and with windows high up on the wall lights were not needed. In fact, having just the sunshine pouring in made for a wonderful soft light that added a nice cozy feel to the place.

We had met the day before for the rehearsal, and the nerves had begun to creep in. Even with a small wedding party and family in such a cozy location, folks were still sweating all the details. We ran through the processional and the rehearsal twice, and I tried to keep it light to break the tension and get folks to relax. After a little bit of initial confusion during the first run through, all the details were ironed out and folks had their places down pat for the second. We were on our way for sure.

The Ceremony
However on the day of the ceremony, the nerves were back. I spent most of my time leading up to the ceremony with Kyle, as they had elected not to see each other before the ceremony. Kyle was very nervous, and started bouncing back and forth finding little tasks to take care of and trying to ensure everything was perfect. I would occasionally grab him and make some small talk, just to try and distract him a bit and loosen him up. His groomsmen also did a good job of this as well, and we frequently found ourselves talking while standing over the air conditioning vents. It wasn’t particularly warm inside, but the cool air definitely helped add a bit of calm to the excited groom.

When it was time, the family and wedding party made their way outside briefly, and had a very nice processional in. Jennifer was waiting in the parking lot with her father in a towncar, and once we were all in they made their way into the building. They entered from a side door, and with the audience standing Kyle knew she had entered but couldn’t see her just yet. I whispered to him that he could lean over for a better look, and he jumped like a kid on Christmas morning. It’s so heartwarming to see that kind of love in someone’s eyes, and is truly one of my favorite parts of this job.

Jennifer’s father had chosen to stand by her during the fairly long introduction they had chosen, and when it came time for him to give Jennifer away he totally shined. During the rehearsal, he answered simply “I do”, accidently forgetting her mother. However during the ceremony, he took time to call out that it was only Jennifer’s mother and father bringing her to be married, but their whole family. He beamed so proudly as he took his time, and addressed the entire audience…nearly turning completely around in the process! It was very cute, and very moving.

Both Jennifer and Kyle hit all their marks, and made it through the ceremony without succumbing to nerves at all. The huge grins on their faces let everyone know that the day had been a total success! After the ceremony, they went outside to the garden area from some family photos, and the audience enjoyed a cocktail service (and peeking through the windows to watch Jennifer and Kyle have some photos taken). I joined them outside after a little bit, and Jennifer’s father immeadiately came up and thanked me for the ceremony. He almost didn’t get a chance though, as Jennifer’s monther pushed him out of the way and gave me a huge hug to thank me as well! It’s so fulfilling to know that the ceremony touched not only the bride and groom, but others as well. I am so grateful that Kyle and Jennifer allowed me to be a part of their special day, and will remember it for a long time to come.

My best wishes to Kyle and Jennifer…I hope you will look back on your day and hold that joy in your hearts forever!

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