Colleen and Phil- 5/28

If you ever find yourself at a party that Colleen and Phil are attending, find them and stick as close to them as you can for you are sure to have a great time. Both are such open and entertaining individuals, and have story after story to tell. Living in New York, Chicago, Africa…careful, you may become mesmerized if you get them on a roll.

Colleen and Phil took the reins and totally owned their wedding. With King Plow as a venue, it already had a great backdrop to work with, but it’s the little things that matter most. They made sure it was just the way they wanted, and didn’t hesitate a bit to do something “out of the norm” if they felt it reflected them. The cake was inspired by some fabric they purchased while in Africa and Colleen’s dress, each of the tables in the reception area were covered in various African fabric, and acorns were scattered around in various places to compliment the squirrel cufflinks Phil wore…just to name a few.

This level of detail didn’t stop at the reception, oh no. The ceremony was sliced and diced as well with an awesome processional featuring Herb in his too awesome turquoise jacket and Phil getting his moment too by being escorted down the aisle by his parents. They chose their brother and sister as their attendants, with Phil’s sister being “best man” and Colleen’s brother as “maid of honor” (which he completely owned, being the most meticulous dress arranger I’ve seen in a long time). The vows had a little touch where they promised to run errands together, and the breaking of the glass was incorporated at the end as well to honor the Jewish heritage in the family.

But probably the part that stood out the most was the unity ceremony. Colleen and Phil both loved the idea and symbolism that a unity ceremony adds to a wedding, however the traditional sand or candle just wasn’t for them. I threw a couple ideas out to them and when a light bulb went off.

Unity guacamole.

You see, Phil and Colleen had an adventure while travelling through Africa where guacamole was exactly what they wanted, and they spent an afternoon heading to the open air market in Dar es Salaam to gather ingredients. We used this adventure as inspiration, and using the Recipe for Love poem as a base, created a unity ceremony where each ingredient represented an aspect of their marriage they were bringing together. Yes…they made guacamole right in the middle of their ceremony that was served during the cocktail hour! It was such a defining moment…and everyone that attended will remember it for a lifetime. And Phil and Colleen had a blast doing it! Check out these great photos their photographer Caroline Fontenot took of this quirky, yet totally appropriate, unity ceremony.

Photo by Caroline Fontenot

Photo by Caroline Fontenot

Photo by Caroline Fontenot

Photo by Caroline Fontenot

As you can see…they had a great time and a great ceremony. My only regret is that it went by so fast…I had such a good time I didn’t want it to end. I received a ton of compliments from their guests as well, which really confirmed we did a great job making their ceremony uniquely them. Everything went off without a hitch and was a fantastic night, and I was very happy to be a part of their day. I encourage any couple that is getting married to take a queue from Colleen and Phil and make sure your day is exactly what you want. You don’t have to compromise at all!

Venue: King Plow Arts Center
Wedding Planner: Sashay Events
Photographer: Caroline Fontenot
Guacamole Creators: Colleen and Phil

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