Alexa and Andy

Alexa and AndyThere were so many special parts of Alexa and Andy’s big day, it’s difficult to decide where to begin. Not only were they a totally cool couple (everyone that gets wed by Ed are), I had the privilege of performing Andy’s sister’s ceremony a year or so prior. However I had no idea just how different the ceremonies would be.

First off, being a transplant to the South I am still shocked at just how loyal to various universities folks down here are. Now, I went to Oregon State (Go Beavs!) and my dad went to Oregon State…but I wouldn’t say they are a part of our family. It was more of a convenience that it was close, had a better ranked College of Business than the other state school, and was as affordable as any university could be. But down here things are a little different- there are families where children are born destined to attend the family school. Fight songs are taught in utero, and outfits are always a combination of two or three colors. This was the case for Alexa, Andy and Georgia Tech…and they did their alma mater proud.

First they selected the Georgia Tech Historic School of Medicine as a venue. This was my first visit to the school, and I was so surprised by how beautiful it was. The ceremony took place in the lecture hall, which as a speaker was a pleasant surprise as the acoustics were supreme. The venue itself is very classic, with beautiful architecture that requires little enhancement. Of course this didn’t prevent a few Navy and Gold additions from our couple.

There were two big surprises, and I mean BIG! Alexa and Andy had arranged for the GT Marching Band to make an appearance just before the processional. They marched on in and performed a few selections for their guests, which I could only imagine the surprise in the audience when they started. As we were lining up, I overheard Alexa’s dad saying how all he wanted was to hear “Ramblin’ Wreck” performed on his daughter’s wedding day in a tone that you could tell hit home. It was very special indeed.

The second surprise came during the photo hour. As a surprise to Andy, they had arranged to have the GT mascot Buzz come in and mingle during the cocktail hour. Of course there were some great photos taken, and it was certainly a hit with everyone in attendance.

I loved this ceremony so much. Not only was it there special day, Alexa and Andy owned it and made it THEIR day. There are no rules when it comes to weddings, and they took it and ran with it. Instead of making them fit the mold of a traditional wedding ceremony, they made the traditional wedding ceremony fit their mold. Of course this makes it all the more special and memorable to everyone that was lucky enough to attend. And I was so grateful that they let me be a part of it with them.

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