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Last minute weddings / Short notice ceremonies

When out with friends, conversation often times finds it way to the different ceremonies I’ve performed or have upcoming. I love talking about all the different couples- how they met, what they planned for their big day, any funny anecdotes … Continue reading

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Colleen and Phil- 5/28

If you ever find yourself at a party that Colleen and Phil are attending, find them and stick as close to them as you can for you are sure to have a great time. Both are such open and entertaining … Continue reading

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Outdoor Weddings and Cicadas

Since moving to the South, I’ve learned so many new things that I had no exposure to growing up in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve met most with good humor- things like specifying Sweet or Unsweet, dealing with SEC football fans, … Continue reading

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Jennifer and Kyle- 4/24

The first time I met Jennifer and Kyle, we were all fighting crazy traffic to make it to our consult on time. This of course builds anxiety, not only dealing with other, how shall I say, not-so-smart people on the … Continue reading

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Some fun days to look at next year

November 11, 2011 or 11.11.11.  Whose #1 now? September 10, 2001 or 09.10.11.  Brings me back to Sesame Street…and instantly put that little 1 2 3 4 5, 6 7 8 9 10, 11 12 song in my head

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Sports theme wedding…ABSOLUTELY!!!

I’ve heard a lot of comments in the past about sports themed weddings, and unfortunately most of them have been negative.  I am absolutely a supporter of a sports theme, as for many people their allegiance to a team is … Continue reading

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“I do” Do-over

Project Wedding posted an “I Do-Over List” of regrets that brides had about their wedding day. What made #6? Being clear with your officiant about how your vows will be said. Apparently it’s a big thing that lots of folks … Continue reading

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Thanks Shawn & Heidi for the beach wedding booking! Looking forward to next July.

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Get Wed by Ed at the Ted :rimshot:

Seriously, would love to do a baseball-themed wedding at a Braves game. Can you picture it? In the stands, during the 7th inning stretch. The bride & groom (or groom & groom) in jerseys, Ed in a umpire’s shirt, rings … Continue reading

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Hitched at Talladega?

Looking for a couple of NASCAR fans who would like to get married or renew their vows at the track during the last weekend of October.  Let us know if you’re interested and willing to allow publicity and photos.

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